You are covered by lifetime warranty

BladeX Warranty

Quality is of top priority for BladeX and we stand behind the quality of our products. Therefore, all of our knives, in contrast with competition, come with lifetime manufacturer's warranty. This warranty covers any and all defects in workmanship, build quality and materials used.

In the case of a manufacturing or material defect, BladeX will repair or replace the knife with the same or other model from BladeX range taking into consideration any price differences and stock availability.

Warranty does not cover

improper usage
The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear as well as improper usage that results in defects, dents, cuts, breakages and other damage to knife. Examples of improper usage, which may result in the warranty being voided include the following: throwing, pounding, prying, striking, hacking of hard objects for which the knife is not designed for; overheating the knife or any part of it; incorrect maintenance of mechanisms or other parts; improper storage in harsh environments and storing without cleaning and care; attempting to repair or modify and other similar actions
Corrosion from lack of care
The warranty does not cover steel corrosion resulted from untimely or/and insufficient care and maintenance.
We recommend careful wiping and cleaning of knives after each use no matter what material is being cut.
A periodic application of thin layer of oil is also strongly encouraged, especially for steels with higher carbon content and when in contact with corrosive environment or acidic materials.
Purposes other than cutting
The function of a knife is cutting and using it for purposes other than that is not covered by warranty. Knives are not suitable for prying or pounding, therefore blade tip breakage is not included in the warranty. Please match your tools to tasks - use the cutting edge to cut and your knife will proudly serve you indefinitely long

Improper usage examples

  • Opening of CAnned Packaging
    Knives with thin cutting edge, especially ones hardened to higher HRC levels to have better wear-resistance, have higher risk of chipping and bending during lateral loads. Please avoid application of force onto the sides of the blade.
  • Using as a CrowBar
    Knives are not made for striking and prying as a crowbar because blade tip is intentionally made thin for piercing and cutting and cannot withstand heavy loads.
  • Using as a screwdriver
    A knife is not a screwdriver and no part of it should be used to unscrew - a thin tip will either bend or, in case with harder steels, break.
  • Chopping OTher knives or nails
    Knives are designed for long-term quality cutting of soft materials and not intended for chopping other knives or hard objects, like nails and so on. To cut such materials please use an axe or a chisel that feature thick and properly angled cutting edge much better fitting this task.
  • Throwing knives not designed to be thrown
    Throwing knives is a separate type of knives with specialized technical requirements. Such throwing knives do not have thin parts or edges like standard knives otherwise they would chip away very fast. In addition to this, throwing knives are hardened at around 42-45 HRC to guarantee they will not break after years of throwing. Please consider BladeX throwing knife range for this great fun activity.
  • Batoning
    Batoning (driving a blade into a log with blows on the butt) with knives designed primarily for cutting and made from harder steels (HRC 58+) significantly increases risk of blade breaking, especially in the spots of concentrated tension developed during machining. This is not covered by warranty, please use an axe or knives with softer hardness.


Please match your tools to tasks - use the cutting edge to cut and your knife will proudly serve you indefinitely long.

Be careful when using knives because a very sharp cutting edge can inflict serious injury or even death.

We do not recommend using knives by people younger than 18 years old without adult supervision.

Store knives in places not accessible to children. BladeX does not bear any responsibility for careless storage and handling of knives.
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